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iPod Cleaner is an easy to use tool to to cleane up your itunes library contents. You can remove duplicates using duplicate filter and delete dead tracks from the library.You can also view any track information by double click on the track.Your system must have iTunes 4.7 or later installed. iPodCleaner will automatically search for the iTunes application and load its library contents. Library Play Lists: You can do the following with the library contents: View track info: this will show you the track information (You can get the track info also by double clicking the track or right click on the library list). Remove Duplicates: This will remove the duplicates from the library, A duplicate filter will appear like the following:- If iPodClener detects more than one track which share the same selected filter items, it will keep one and remove all the others. Restore Library DB: This will restore the previously backed-up library DB files this can help you in case of system crash or the library has damaged.

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